Taqueria Cuernavaca, Ventura CA

I went searching for my prior post on this place and was SHOCKED to see I hadn't written one. How is that possible? This place is a total revelation.


I will remedy this RIGHT NOW by telling you that this is an awesome, unassuming, fresh and fabulous authentic taco spot on Ventura Ave. a few blocks N. of Main St. in Ventura, CA.

They are owned/run by very nice people and they have the real deal 'Mexico City' style pastor with pinapple on top. They also have great Micheladas (beer cocktails with either fresh lime juice or Clamato juice).

Mushroom Taco

Pastor Taco w/ Pineapple

I love everything here. EVERYTHING. If I could eat the whole menu at once without going into a food coma, I would.

Here is the YELP link. It has a map and directions as well.

They are closed on TUESDAYS, so don't make the trip up from LA on THAT day!

But any other day. Especially for breakfast. I am salivating as I write this.

FYI Cuernavaca means "cow horn."

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