El Michoacano, N. Hollywood Tacos

The San Fernando Valley is a fascinating place. It's an endless grid of streets that seem to disappear into the horizon in a straight line in every direction.

I have recently been exploring N. Hollywood with regard to tacos and Lankersheim Blvd. could be a taco crawl in itself.

A few weeks ago I got some good intel from my taco friends and I dutifully followed their lead to the corner of Lankersheim and Sherman Way. There you will find a tiny yellow hut that serves excellent tacos including crispy tacos with the filling of your choice. They are also famous for their Chile Verde. Which you can get as a taco.

If you scamper across Lankersheim to the other side you will see a sad little sign for tacos but if you go in, you will find friendly people and more delicious food.

These places are often on the way to someplace else and they are open late and they are CHEAP. So file them away in your taco book under YUM.

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