Ortiz Taco Time, Ventura CA

How great is that name? The tacos are pretty good too.

I've been trying to get to the place across the street, TEPATITLAN (put it on a Spelling B) for a few months, but I haven't been in the area. It was a cold rainy Monday (brrrrr) and I'd just come from the dentist.

My intended destination was CLOSED ON MONDAYS. Taco Time was open so in I went. Really nice people. I couldn't get flour tortillas for my tacos because they only have burrito style flour tortillas. No trompo - he called it a trompa. No pina. But still, great tacos, salsa, and cheap.

The meat was tender yet crispy. It's a HUGE place. They have a TV.

If it's time for tacos in your world, Ortiz Taco Time will definitely hit the spot.

Ortiz Taco Time
371 N. Ventura Ave. (pretty close to Main st.)
Ventura, CA

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  1. We wont be going to Ortiz taco time anymore. showed up to pick up some carnitas to go- pudgy girl [daughter of the owner]was on the phone seemed annoyed that she had to stop chatting to take care of a customer then heard her say something to her friend that ended with "pinche weto"-translates to fucking white. ok guess what - some of these Whites speak spanish and we wont be spending our money there anymore. Racists. • Location: ventura ave