Authentic Mexican Ground Beef Crispy Tacos Made by a Mexican

The finished taco. Magically delicious.

My mechanic, Victor Haro, is the best. He's a local Mexican-American who is a "car whisperer." He can fix and diagnose just about anything by tilting his head, listening and checking under the hood.

He knows I am a taco supafreak. I always try to take him for tacos but he prefers "ini" foods; linguini, fettucini, spaghetini and of course pizza and lasagna!

1-2 Tbl. of raw meat per taco.

Heated, stuffed, but still raw tacos ready to fry!

"One day, I'm going to make you a real 'Mexican' crispy taco. Not that Gringo shit you like to eat."

That day finally came. That day was Tuesday. I stopped off to give him some money I owed him, just in time to watch his brother David execute the family recipe.

Sizzle. Sizzle. Golden brown.


Here are some more pix and the recipe!

Victor's brother, David

Victor's Salsa: Jitomate, Jalapeno, Lechuga


Take 1 lb. of ground beef (or ground turkey if you really want.) Dice 1/2 a white onion and 1-2 jalapenos and 1 tbl. of cilantro. Mix well throughout the raw meat using a spoon.

Grab your corn tortillas, dry heat them for about 1 min on each side. You want them to heat enough to avoid cracking when you fold them but keep the heat low and don't add any oil. You are really just softening them a bit.

Put 1 heaping tbl of RAW meat inside the tortilla and fold it over. You can add a pizca of salt here - a pinch. Do this 12x or so.

Get a good frying pan nice and hot with about 1/4-1/2 inch of vegetable oil (not olive) in there.

Place your "raw" taco in the oil and fry on both sides over medium heat for about 12-15 min. (6 min. per side)

Drain into some paper towels.

Have your shredded cheese, shredded lettuce and chopped tomato ready to go!

GENTLY GENTLY GENTLY crack open your slightly cooled fried taco just enough to stuff some greenery inside. Shove it down carefully to avoid total crackage.

Garnish with your favorite salsa and CRUNCH AWAY.

Victor made his own salsa that was 3 large Roma Tomatoes, 3 weak Jalapenos and a big chunk of iceberg lettuce (for body) into the blender. Add salt and 2 Tbl. of chili powder.



  1. Hey! Anyone who tries this recipe, please leave a comment and any pointers you have for future taco makers! Thanks!

  2. best way to make tacos!! thanks for posting

  3. These meatballs are so good. My family loves them…kids included. They’ve become my “go to” turkey meatball recipe. I’ve made them quite a few times and finally decided I should say thank you for a good recipe. Thank you �� Techlazy.com Crazyask.com Howmate.com

    1. Is this for the Abondigas recipe or did you make meatballs out of the beef taco filling? So awesome! Thank you for sharing.

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  5. Excited to give this a try! Does it really take
    15 mins to fry? It due to cold raw meat? I make San Diego style shredded beef tacos, where I stuff the cooked meat inside then fry. But they fry really fast & messy, but Oh So Good. Just wanted to make sure before I get going. Can't wait ��

  6. I still cook them this way. Learned it back I early 50’s. Spice hamburger with cumin oregano cilantro salt and pepper and fry them