Taco Roundup #3 - The Hangman, San Jose Del Cabo, Nopalito SF, El Indio Redondo Beach

Cool Pony Lights at The Hangman (see separate post)

These are all the "Runner Ups" who didn't get their own blogposts over the last month or so. Throw them into the corral together. Yee-haw.

Margaret's Cocina 446 W Ventura St., Fillmore, CA - This place had promise. GREAT looking vintage buidling, crispy tacos and NO salsa bar to speak of. The people were nice but the chow just wasn't up to snuff. Edible yes. Memorable? No. Fillmore is filled with authentic looking places. I got suckered into this one by the sign and all the colors.

Margaret Cocina's Crispy Chicken Tacos

Nopalito 306 Broderick St., San Francisco CA - I wanted to LOVE this place. It was fun, modern, clever, organic, tasty BUT.... that weird "Is this healthfood?" feeling. I'm pretty sure I left feeling hungry though the food WAS tasty. I believe the taco tortilla was MUSHY. They have a mixologist on hand and lots of fresh juices. It actually feels more like LA than SF. Lots of young, skinny, pretty people eating pretty, healthy food. My friend absolutely loves it, but I can't see myself rushing back there on subsequent visits.

Swordfish Taco at Nopolito

Las Gardenas - Fabled fish taco place in Cabo San Lucas. It was off my radar. Pleasant, a bit touristy, good but not the greatest. Although where in Cabo is exactly is a better fish taco, I couldn't say. San Jose has Rosey's and informal stands. The MECCA is out in the country in Todos Santos and Pescadero.

Las Gardenas Fish Taco

JB Burgers - 627 South Myrtle Ave., Monrovia CA. Quick and casual burger joint. I drove by it 20 times before I realized I might find an old school crispy beef taco there. And I did. And it was good. Their breakfasts look particularly tasty and CHEAP.

JB Burger's Crispy Beef Taco

El Indio - 2523 Artesia Blvd, Redondo Beach CA. A local Institution. Cheap, quick, and easy. The girls are so nice. I LOVE their greasy THICK chips and crispy tacos. My friend enjoyed his massive burrito. Eat in or take it to go. Buy some chips!

Side of Rice and Beans at El Indio

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