Marfa Texas and Juan Carrasco Market

I am on a trip to Marfa, Texas. Where? Exactly! This place is not easy to get to... AT ALL! Plane from LA to Houston, plane from  Houston to Odessa/Midland (where?) and then a 3 hour drive through TEXAS, that's right Texas... the "red" state full of Bush oil. You know the one. No Jews or Democrats for miles around.

I digress.

I had the fantasy I would find some amazing Mexican food along the way. After all, we were only about 2 hours from the border for most of our drive. But no.... It's all Tex-Mex and burritos. But the burritos at the mini-mart were AWESOME.

I wish I had a place like that in LA where I could go, open a door and pick and choose from a dozen burritos with every combo you can imagine. They are all skinny and small and they provide 3 different microwaves for you to heat up your burrito. 38 seconds later and BAM, Green Chile heaven. They also have Brisket Burritos, Chorizo and Potato, and mild stuff for the wimps.

If you find yourself passing through this area ever (I know, seriously, why would you) but IF you do, hit this place up. It's on Hwy 17 and it's called JUAN CARRASCO. Family owned for like 100 years or something. It's in the tiny town of BALMORHEA which also hosts the world's largest fresh water swimming pool (or something like that.)

This is a GREAT BLOG POST about the store and the area in general, including movies of the State Park and the pool.

Oh and they have Micheladas in a can! Beer and Tomato Juice already mixed together!!!!! It's called a "Chelada" and I have never seen one of those in LA.

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