Melody's Mexican Kitchen, Reseda CA

The Taco Maven goes to Melody's Mexican Kitchen (AKA how some stoners sent me here and I ate two crispy tacos in less than 2 seconds.)

Victory and Vanowen? Isn't that in the "Parallel Universe?" This is what I have called the West Valley since Highschool. I think my ex-husband lives somewhere near this place. He calls his neighborhood "Rencino."

Really it was maybe 5 miles from my new temp stomping grounds in (yawn) Sherman Oaks. I went from Burbank Blvd. up to Victory,made a left, drove straight for a bit, took a right on Resdeda, and there it was.

Adorable spot. Lots of "home cookin'" and nice peeps. I went straight for the crispy chicken taco as instructed. Seeing they also had a crispy potato taco, I got one of those too. I got flan for a friend and a chile relleno burrito to bring to a dinner as an appetizer.

REALLY GOOD FOOD. People in the area know about this place. There is a Gelson's less than a mile from here, so clearly this is a neighborhood with a few pennies. My tacos cost $2.20. The salsa bar was GREAT. Lots of toasty roasty options.

It's actually a fun place to sit and stay. Cozy and colorful inside. I of course ate in the car and set a new record for INHALATION.

The same family owns SEVERAL restaurants including Las Fuentes down the street.

Is this any way to expect to wear a bikini? Probably not. But DANG those tacos were goooooooooood and had me instantly singing the praises of Melody.