Yes! They have Tacos in San Francisco

Land of the Burrito. True. But I have no problem hunting down tacos when I am there. Sometimes the taco finds are UNEXPECTED. But so far, everything I have tried had merit.

It was getting to the point where my friend's kids were starting to groan every time we went out. "Mooooooooom. Do we have to have tacos AGAIN?" Of course they didn't.

This is why we wound up in a food court at a mall where they ate pizza and I ate a great crispy chicken tinga style taco at Andale. I think there is an accent on the A. I don't do written accents, only spoken ones. They are a chain with 3 SFO Airport stations in addition to the Westfield Mall.

Crispy Chicken Taco at Andale

The people were so nice there. Really sweet and the taco was delish. I especially liked the chicken meat which was saucy but not sloppy and very tender. I'm still not sure how they got the corn taco shell to look like a wanton. Super hot oil? But the crunch was nice.

Of course the tots immediately threw aside their pizza for a bite of my taco!

The next day we went to North Beach, which is an Italian neighborhood. They are known for their pizza not their tacos. "Really kids, pizza AGAIN?" I instead sought out this really cute place called Don Pisto's. They get great YELP, 4.5 stars with over 600 reviews.

A 'pisto' is an alcoholic drink. The place is tiny but stylish and totally hidden. No sign. Why no sign? Don't know, but it's no wonder my friend had never accidentally come across it in her travels.

Don Pisto Shrimp Taco

Their lunch menu is limited, but the pastor and shrimp taocs we had were SOLID. They also make drinks with agave wine, including a fun shot called "Baby, don't be like that" or something cheeky I can't remember. It's made with pineapple juice and jalapeno. It could have been spicier, but it was tasty.

Tacos run around $10 for two. NOT a Mission street gritty taco joint. It's more gourmet and upscale, but I think it's worth a try.

Sonora style taco on a flour tortilla. HUGE and $9

After lunch we walked around and came across Nico's Tacos. Wow, this Italian neighborhood is full of Mexican food! But more like fusion Mexican really. This adorable spot features a Chicken' n Waffle Taco. Why has no one tried this in LA?

Do I need to call Roscoe's Chicken 'n Waffle right now? I think I do. There was NO WAY I could try one of these right after lunch, but next time they will be my first stop because all of their tacos looked really good.

Viva el taco! And viva San Fran.

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