El Borrego Viudo, Taqueria in Mexico City

Mexico City is an AMAZING taco city.

The master of all Latin Food bloggers, Bill Esparza, has a BLOG full of info about eating there.

I tend to stick to the trendy areas of La Condesa and La Roma. Super hip.

I was taken by a couple of awesome taco superfreaks to a DRIVE-IN taco spot.

It was crazy delicious and crazy fun. If you visit, you must put this place on your list. Maybe taxis go there too, I don't really know.


Baja Taco Roundup!

I have been down in Baja now for almost a month. I have some fun work down here and I'm getting a chance to perform in a play about the end of the world and sing songs in Spanish.

It feels weird to not be on top of the LA Taco Scene but I know there a tons of people who are on that so my allegiance is always to the taco, not the city I happen to be eating the taco in.

If I were in LA. I'd have already tried the amazing tacos at Handsome Roasters that everyone is talking about. Read about them HERE and then go try them for me. Pretty please.

Chef Wesley Avila's Taco Pop Up Locations
Wednesdays 5 to 8 pm at Handsome Coffee Roasters
Breakfast Tacos, Fridays starting at 9 am at Handsome Coffee Roasters
Breakfast and lunch, Saturdays at Dulce Pop Espresso Bar, 9 am to 2 pm.

Meanwhile, down at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, I am eating some solid tacos. Nothing revolutionary, this is simple peasant food, but SOLID.

As always you can follow my Baja Adventures at www.bajahouse.blogspot.com

CHILAKOS - Todos Santos, BCS - You can't miss this place. They have been there FOREVER and are a few blocks past Hotel California. Crispy grilled carne asada and a great chicken torta. Nice people. Prices stay low. Sit on the street and watch the people go by.

TACOS SINALOENSE - Todos Santos, BCS - Around the back side of town is a paved road meant for trucks only. It's a bypass so big trucks don't have to disturb tourists or stop for a million stop signs. Some VERY good eating up there. People love Compa Chava for it's ceviche, but the best fish and shrimp tacos are at this place. Clean, friendly, excellent roasted house salsa and chipotle cream plus all the other fixins. Their batter is perfectly flavored, perfectly crispy and perfectly light. How do they do it????
TODOS TACOS - Todos Santos, BCS - These nice gals took over the little wooden plywood house that used to be Tres Hermanos. The old man who ran that place is not doing well but these Guisados tacos are very tasty. They might be the only Guisados tacos in the whole town. Very humble, simple but incredibly flavorful. They are on the side street near the Banomex Bank. (I think...) If not that side street than the next one over. It's a small town, you will see them!