La Cevicheria on Pico Blvd. Can you say CALDO?

I came back to LA for about 3 days in February, I didn't have time to check out the new places people are buzzing about. Cortez was on my list and also Tacos Punta Cabras.

Luckily, my friend Justin, insisted that we catch up over ceviche. I had tried to go there many times as the Taco Maven and it was freakish how they were always unexpectedly closed (power outage, kitchen flood, somebody's bday) every time I tried.

Well. I finally made it there and I really enjoyed the soup. The taco was fine, but I'm living in Baja now and have become spoiled. A good taco, a fresh taco, a clean taco, but nothing to write home about especially if you live in Mexico.

But the soup. OMG Magee. That was insane. There are several options for broth flavor and I forget which one we actually had but I could have eaten 3 bowls of it. There it is pictured above in all it's rich broth and seafood glory. Lots of garlic too. Hello CRACK.

It's a very kid friendly place too with simple burritos, quesadillas etc. I enjoyed the ceviche, but it was the SOUP, SOPA, CALDO etc. that really floated my boat.