A Taco Friend is a Friend for Life

Yesterday was just another day, working hard at my cozy little cafe down in Southern Baja, California.

I look up and all of a sudden I see a friendly, familiar face. A face I know from the LA Taco Scene (and Facebook.) The face of one of the nicest and most talented people I have ever met.

I was thrilled, dumbfounded, surprised. WHAT THE...... Esdras Ochoa, partner in the wonderous Mexicali Taco Co. had come to visit. He was actually staying in Cabo but he made the effort to drive over an hour up the coast to our tiny town. He said he would come one day to visit and he actually did!

I was a little bummed I didn't get advance notice because I would have busted out a special taco for him, probably even some balloons. He was right to just surprise me.

It was so fun serving him our humble daily classics: crispy pancakes, breakfast sandwich, combo plate of Mediterranean salads... I gave him some visitor's tips - always fun... and sent him on his way.

The whole day I kept smiling and shaking my head.... WOW.

It made me realize how much I do miss eating in LA and how we that love tacos and especially those of us who can cook a taco, share a warmth and a bond that is lasting.

I heart.

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  1. Awwww soo sweet! Yes a friend for life and + some! We enjoyed every second in bistro magico and the name does it justice! It was a highlight in our trip! I would eat there is I could. And thanks for reminding me what an extraordinary person you are :)