Las Mariscadas, A Great Fish Taco in Cabo San Lucas B.C.S.

Hello Taco Fans,

It's been quite a while since I've been inspired enough to do a blog post - busy living the small cafe owner life in Mexico - mostly eating my favorite local tacos over and over and not traveling as much as I would like.

BUT... a few weeks ago I had a couple of tacos that stopped me in my tracks so here I am on a rainy Sunday morning to tell you all about them.

One of my favorite Baja friends, the co-owner of Hierbabuena Hortiliza, a fabulous garden to plate restaurant in Pescadero, B.C.S., claims this as her most favorite casual seafood place in all of Cabo. (There's lots 'o seafood in Cabo.)

It happens to be right near one of my regular restaurant supply stops, Pro-San, so on a lucky Saturday we stopped for lunch.

Sushi Chef on Hand

Fresh Tuna Sashimi Tostada

I was immediately impressed by the service, the cute 'under the sea' decor and the variety on the menu. I ordered a few tacos, the house salsa and chips were great, they have WIFI just for fun and so you can post your food fotos right away.

The most surprising and wonderful item on the menu was the tortillas. They claim they are pure corn with less water than the usual tortilla and also pressed a tad harder so they are thinner. They make them in secret in a back room. They were so perfect and amazing... thin, a bit chewy, nutty but they did not sog-out OR break. How did they not break???? They were so damn thin... very yellow as well vs. the normal whitish corn tortillas that are common down here. They also had a nice toasted quality without all the grill marks.

I loved the Octopus taco and I had a grilled shrimp and a battered fish taco plus the Tostada marvel pictured above. I also ordered a side of rice, in honor of my old Taco Talk partner and it too was tasty. My friend had her go-to Shrimp Fajitas pictured below. DELICIOUS.

During our meal someone delivered these huge bags that I thought were the secret corn flour but instead they were giant bags filled with smaller wrapped pouches of pre-made corn tortillas. These they use for the chips. The chips are nice and thick and fresh, as they should be ALWAYS but often ARE NOT at other places.

The owner is always around and is a very elegant man. Kudos y saludos a Las Mariscadas, which translates to "Seafood Meals." I don't think you can make a wrong turn on this well-varied menu but of course I recommend the tacos!

Located on Cabo San Lucas which is a one-way street headed down toward the Marina - just around the corner from Pro-San about 3 blocks up from the Marina area. Hours are currently 1pm to 10pm.

Here is their Trip Advisor Page. Very few people use Yelp down here and most just have Facebook pages and not websites.

Viva el Taco!
Hasta Pronto.