Rasta Taco Catering, Los Angeles

Having a party? Want some really good tacos cooked LIVE on your back porch? Call these guys. With Offices in Pasadena and Orange County Rasta Tacos is whipping up some very tasty mobile tacos indeed. 

All the meats I tried were fresh and tender and the tortillas nicely grilled and chewy but not tough or soggy and no breakage! My favorite was the Carnitas with Achiote and Pineapple. Yummmmeee.

Delicious Pastor-style Carnitas Tacos.

Roast Pork with Cotija Cheese and Marinated Onions

Chicken with Mango Salsa

I'm having one of those large even-numbered birthdays in June and what better way to feed my taco-lovin' friends then um... tacos! Fresh ones. Made to order. I was lucky enough to taste 4 variations of chef Lou Tista's taco repertoire, but seemingly these guys can do any kind of taco your heart desires.

They also come equipped with rice and beans, taquitos, and if you like, the fabulous Rasta Rita Margarita Truck! The Booze Truck is a separate entity that can be paired up with the tacos for maximum enjoyment. ;)

Rasta Taco founder, Mario Melendez was lamenting the lack of taco caterers in 2006. He quickly put a simple website together one afternoon and a few hours later, within 5 minutes of going live, he had his first gig. It was all "more tacos please" from there and he plans to open a brick and mortar spot down in Laguna Beach shortly.

Classic Asada

Rasta Founder Mario "Maji" Melendez

It was a very pleasant experience to see the wonderful taco in a specialty catering context. Rasta Taco is providing a great service to party throwers in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas and I wish them continued success.

To book the Rasta Taco or Rasta Rita at your next event, contact Huntington Catering Co at 866 96 RASTA. Justin Prieto is the Taco Exec and he will be happy to hook you up.