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Hello Taco World,

It's been a minute. More like a year and a half! What the... While I'm grateful I kept eating tacos in 2020 and haven't gotten Covid yet, I wasn't able to blog. But I learned, as I think we all did, that it's the little things that bring the most joy. Little crunchy things in my case... salt & vinegar potato chips, any kind of chip really, and CRISPY TACOS.

2020 was the year I discovered Chuy's Tacos Dorados one of the best potato tacos I have eaten, ever. Seriously, EVER. It helped me and many of my local friends get through the darkest days of the pandemic and it's still helping. Over Xmas, we met in the parking lot of the Van Nuys Chuy's, ordered our tacos and stood outside our cars, 6 feet apart and ate and talked with masks on.

I started eating weekly at the one in Van Nuys before the 'shutdown' in March. Everything inside is white; the tiles, the floor, the countertop and it's one of the cleanest restaurants I've been in. Seriously, like sparkling with stars everywhere. The staff is delightfully cheerful and proud to be serving these amazing tacos. Also polite, always efficient, always clean, always wearing gloves and masks.

DTLA Location

After the shutdown I discovered that Chuy's is actually a DRIVE-THRU. WHAT? Yes! A drive-thru for bitchen-ass crispy tacos people. Are you hearing me? 'Welcome to Chuy's, can I take your order?" You sure can! I favor the potato tacos but the shredded beef are good too. A friend that I hipped to Chuy's is a fan of their burritos and quesadillas. Yum-Yum. It's ALL good. Even the rice, which I think my old sidekick 'Side 'o Rice' would appreciate.

The best part about the potato taco is the warm, red salsa. Sort of like a tomato broth and a tradition for crispy potato tacos but one that few people bother to follow. It's not spicy, just crazy flavorful in some mad addictive way. Is it the oregano?  It's almost like a dipping sauce. Buy extra. Trust me! 

They've started doing this wonderful desert which isn't on their online menu. It's a variation of a Flan but it's less jiggly. It's regional. They make it in Jalisco and Guadalajara. It's called JERICALLA. It's a cross between flan and creme brulee. Chuy's makes it in a lovely JAR you get to take home and keep! Big enough for 2. Yes! It's very smooth and tasty, not too eggy like a lot of flans can be. Definitely give it a try. You won't be sorry, just a little full.

2020 was a very difficult year for the food service industry. As a former restaurant owner, caterer, kitchen witch, etc. I tried to support local spots in any way I could. Chuy's made it easy! They're Instagram feed is the best kind of food porn and their photos are magical. Thank you Chuy's for kicking ass and taking names and making my favorite kind of taco, AND making it really easy and safe for me to buy one and eat it! Te amo muchisimo!

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